Above Ground Oil Tank Inspection

Above Ground Oil Tanks require very little maintenance. However, it is very important to inspect your tank

It is important for the homeowner to understand
that the oil tank is their property and their responsibility. The tank owner should ensure that it is properly maintained. Proper tank maintenance should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Subscribing to a maintenance program performed by a heating oil system licensed service technician;
  • Visually inspecting the tank(s) at least Twice a year. Careful visual inspection will uncover traces of oil on the tank surface;
  • Asking a service technician to check, at least once a year, for the presence of water inside the tank and to remove it;
  • Immediately correct an unstable foundation or when the tank is likely to topple. The services of a licensed installer, Barrier Contracting, should be used;
  • Maintaining the tank’s exterior surface, at least once per year, by:
    1. Gently brushing the rusted areas on the tank’s exterior with sandpaper;
    2. Cleaning the sanded surface; and
    3. Applying a coat of rust proof metallic paint (readily available at any hardware store). If needed, Barrier Contracting can provide paint.

    Maintaining the tank’s exterior surface is a good practice and the
    application of touch-up paint will not void the warranty of the tank

  • Maintaining the tank liquid level as high as possible during the summer months to limit water condensation within the tank.

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