Contamination and Closures

Handle your leaks responsibly

You may not think that a pinpoint leak in your oil tank is a serious problem. The reality is that even the tiniest of leaks can spill 1000 gallons of fuel into the environment in a matter of hours.

Fuel contamination can negatively impact the groundwater, nearby bodies of water, plantlife and wildlife in the area. If your property has been contaminated by a fuel tank leak or failure, proper remediation and closure is essential.

Take care of all of the details

A leaky or failed oil tank that leads to contamination of groundwater and soil is not just your issue – it’s your community’s issue and must be disclosed to the proper authorities for recordkeeping and larger scale remediation.

Look to us as your one-stop solution for environmental contamination remediation and closure services so you can handle your tank leaks responsibly and safely.

Our services

  • Determining the scale of the contamination
  • Removal of contaminated water and soil
  • Hauling of materials to burn or recycling facilities
  • Filing of appropriate closure documents with the authorities

Make sure you are doing your part to protect the environment by properly handling contamination caused by a leaky oil tank.

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