Hand removal



Precision hand removal of tanks

Single wall underground fuel tanks lack integrity and can cause serious harm to the environment through leaks that go undetected or through sudden failure due to improper installation or environmental factors.

Removing an underground tank and replacing it with an above ground tank is critical to protecting your home and the surrounding soil and groundwater. Hand digging allows us tremendous control and limits impact on your lawn.

Safe and responsible tank removal

Attempting to remove your underground oil tank by yourself can be extremely dangerous. Give us a call instead and let us provide expert professional removal that ensures the protection of your surrounding areas.

Removing your tank by hand allows for more safety, even in the most delicate areas, while minimizing our impact on your lawn and landscaping.

Hand tank removal

  • The area is dug using only hand tools and man power
  • The tank is located and excavated carefully
  • Once located, the tank is cut and cleaned prior to removal
  • Any contamination is handled with remediation methods

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