Oil Tank Installation In White Plains New York


Oil tank installation is a process and a lot depends upon the municipality you are located in. Different towns and localities have different codes about the placement of oil tanks. In White Plains, New York, when we place oil tanks we have to adhere to the code of that particular place. Oil tanks can be placed either aboveground or underground. However, the most common place to install a new home heating oil tank is above ground, in the basement or garage.

At Barrier Contracting, we have the expertise to install oil tanks at throughout White Plains, New York and ensure that the oil tank is installed safely in a cost-effective manner.  Along with oil tank installation, we also provide other services like

  • Contaminated soil disposal
  • Water sampling
  • Soil testing
  • Water testing
  • Oil tank removal etc.

In case you have inherited the oil tank when you purchased your house, then it becomes important that you get an assessment done of its actual condition to save you from any unforeseen damages. We are mentioning a few important factors or a checklist which you need to closely examine before you assess or purchase an oil tank for your house.

Size of the tank: In White Plains NY, people install oil tanks of various sizes, depending upon their budget and actual requirement. The most important factors that need to be considered before finalizing the tank size are your consumption rate and reliability of supply. The most common aboveground sizes are 275 and 330 gallon, while underground oil tanks are usually 550 or 1000 gallons.

If your consumption is really low and the supply is reliable you can choose a smaller tank. But imagine vice-versa, where your consumption is high but the supply is not reliable you should choose a larger home heating oil tank.

Type of tank: There are plastic oil tanks, steel tanks, indoor tanks, outdoor tanks and underground tanks. You also have the option to choose between a single wall or double wall. You need expert help to finalize the type of tank and Barrier Contracting will help you.

Safety: You can never compromise on this factor while finalizing an oil tank for your home. Safety comes first and always ensures that you choose a tank (and location) which is safe.

Barrier Contracting is your guide and expert who will help in oil tank installation, contaminated soil disposal, water sampling, soil testing, water testing, and oil tank removal etc.

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