Process of Oil Tank removal in Briarcliff Manor NY


Oil tank removal is a difficult task, right from the day the homeowner plans to remove it until the time it actually gets removed. It impacts the water underground and could detrimentally affect the environment too. Hence, it is important to be cautious while the oil tank removal is under process.

While oil tank installation and other services like soil testing, contaminated soil disposal, water sampling, soil testing, water testing are also not simple, but it is all the more difficult when you plan an oil tank removal in Briarcliff Manor NY.

One of the biggest concerns of every homeowner is that the original ground and soil condition should be retained after the removal. During oil tank removal, it is important to conduct some site unearthing and in the event, you can expect some expulsion and leakage. Always choose your removal company that reestablish the property in its original form.

  • The oil tank removal process in Briarcliff Manor NY can impact the following:Tanks covered in the yard: Most regularly, tanks are situated in the yard under normal soil and grass. At the time of removal, a worker will although ensure that the soil and water do not get affected, but still, you need to accept the fact that there is some precipitation below the tank which needs to be addressed.
  • Grass: Grass below the oil tank gets adversely affected and even the roots, so planting anything and expecting it to grow normally is difficult. Either new grass has to be planted or some ground leveling has to be done. We recommend that you make sure to check with your oil tank removal company that they immediately sod the affected area.
  • Shrubs & bushes: Do not worry about the shrubs and bushes that grew over the tank over a period of time. It can be easily uprooted from its original position and planted to the new garden or ground. It is the responsibility of the tank removal contractor to carefully remove the shrub and transplant it after the property grading is complete.
  • Driveways & sidewalks: Although there is lesser effect on soil and water, still soil testing, water testing, and water sampling should be conducted prior to removal and even after oil tank installation. However, the area that gets affected the most is the driveways, sidewalks, and patios located above the oil tank. They need to be repaired immediately. You can ask the company to give you some contractor who will execute this repair work in Briarcliff Manor NY.
  • Decks: Decks also get impacted if it is is just below or underneath a wooden deck. The wooden deck has to be disassembled and rebuilt.

Always seek professional help and guidance before implementing oil tank removal process for an easy and smooth removal.

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