Oil Tank Removal in Westchester and Putnam, NY

Barrier Contracting has trained professionals to help guide you through the oil tank removal process. If your tank is above or below ground we have the expertise to provide excellent service. We remove 275, 550,1000 up to 16,000 gallon oil tanks. If you are buying or selling a home, we recommend any underground fuel oil tanks be removed before the contracts are signed.
Oil Tanks over 25 years old can have a 20% failure rate. If you wait until you have a leaky tank it can be a disaster. If your storage tank is leaking we can provide you full service environmental remediation including soil removal, water disposal, soil testing, etc. We handle inspections, sampling, closure reports and meet with local inspectors to make sure any issue is resolved.
At Barrier Contracting, we provide underground oil tank removal for homes and businesses. We can bring our excavator machine to your location and remove the tank safely and efficiently. We also provide Oil tank removal by hand, which can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. Our specialists are experienced and knowledgeable about the industry’s best practices, and provide excellent service every time. Trust Barrier Contracting for all your needs, from fuel oil storage tank installation to oil tank removal.three2ktanks.JPG.w180h135p7292481.jpg.w180h135550dualmachine

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