Soil Testing Around Oil Tanks In Westchester County


Soil testing should be performed to identify potential soil contamination. It can also measure the amount of leakage and identify the amount of remedial action necessary. Older oil tanks were usually installed underground in order to save space indoors. However due to the risk of an unknown tank leak, home heating oil tanks are now recommended to be installed above ground in a basement, garage or on a cement pad outside.

There are several situations when you should perform soil testing in Westchester County:

  • When you are planning to buy or sell a home which has underground oil tank installed
  • When an underground oil tank was abandoned or removed, and no proper documents are mentioning the steps taken to assure there was no oil leakage.
  • When you observe a sudden increase in heating oil consumption which is not due to the weather

Soil testing examines the soil around the tank and checks for any contamination caused by underground oil tank. Remediation of tank leaks can be costly and time consuming. It is important to be sure there is no contamination before you purchase a home. Likewise, when selling, it is import to know prior to having a potential buyer discover it.

Soil testing includes the following steps:

  • The first step is to locate all underground utilities using DIG SAFELY NY including the underground home heating oil tank.
  • The second step is to install soil borings from several areas around the oil tank. Make sure that the sample gets collected from a depth below the level of the tank bottom. This is usually 6-8 feet below grade.
  • After the sample is obtained, the boring soil samples are then sent to a state certified testing lab for analysis. This helps in an authentic and an unbiased test result. The soil samples are analyzed for any petroleum product contamination using STARS METHOD 8260/8270.
  • The laboratory then provides a report of findings within seven days to ten of testing. In case of emergency, a report can also be provided in 24-48 hours so that immediate remedial action can be taken.

Once analytical data in our hands, we can recommend various remedial measures which can oil tank removal, soil disposal or more sampling. Soil borings and testing in Westchester County is considered one of most definitive tests to identify oil contamination (second to removing the oil tank)

However, soil testing only tells about the current state of the soil surrounding the oil tank. It reveals nothing about the quality or status of the tank. The underground oil tank could be corroding and potentially contaminate soil and water. Therefore it is recommended to replace the underground oil tank, if that is not an option soil testing is the second best option. Soil testing can also tell whether there is any water testing required or a need for soil contamination disposal.

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