Oil Tank Testing

Identify potential contamination

If you have an underground oil tank, the groundwater and soil surrounding your home are at risk of contamination from leaks or failures that can go undetected for long periods because you cannot see them.

If you suspect that your groundwater or soil has been contaminated by a leak, it is important to have them tested to determine the presence and extent of the contamination so it can be addressed promptly and effectively.

Trust our network of experts

If you know that your underground oil tank has failed or is leaking, or if you suspect that your groundwater or soil may have been contaminated, call us for a FREE consultation to discuss your concerns.

If your area needs testing, we will connect you with one of the highly trusted professionals within our network who will take care of the testing so we can plan your remediation services.

Hand tank removal

  • You have experienced a visible oil spill
  • There is staining under an above ground tank
  • There is staining on the walls near an underground tank
  • No plantlife near your tank
  • Increased fuel consumption

If you are considering buying a new home, testing of the groundwater and soil will be necessary to secure funding.

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